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3 Signs Your Car Needs A Transmission Fluid Flush

11 January 2016
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Even though you might understand the importance of never skipping an oil change, there's a chance that you might be slacking off on one important car maintenance task -- having your transmission fluid flushed. This involves having all of the transmission fluid in your car drained out and replaced with fresh fluid, which is important for the proper maintenance of your vehicle's expensive -- and essential -- transmission system. These are a few signs that it's time to have your transmission fluid flushed. Read More …

The ABCs Of Shopping For Used Auto Parts At A Salvage Yard

7 January 2016
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When you make a habit of servicing your own vehicle and doing work yourself when something needs to be done, one of the biggest conveniences is knowing a good salvage yard that can give you access to used auto parts at a fraction of what you would have to pay otherwise. Shopping at a salvage yard for auto parts is completely different than shopping at a regular parts house and if you have no experience, it is easy to get discouraged or confused. Read More …