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Did You Win A Storage Auction That Includes A Car? Tips For You

3 January 2017
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If you are a person that has recently got into the game of going to storage auctions and blind or partially blind bidding on the contents of storage units, then you may find yourself in new and uncertain territory. While this can be exciting, it can leave you unsure of how to proceed when you win certain items from your storage auction bids. When you win a storage auction that includes a car as part of the haul, this may be one of those cases where you are unsure and confused as to what you should do. Read More …

3 Signs That Your Car May Be Suffering From Bad Spark Plugs

29 September 2016
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When it comes to car problems, the spark plugs are often overlooked as a source of trouble. Yet these ubiquitous components can actually get up to a lot of trouble. If you would like to learn more about recognizing potential spark plug problems, read on. This article will discuss three commonly encountered symptoms. Poor Acceleration As you are probably aware, an automobile's engine works through the combustion of a mixture of gasoline and air in the high pressure environment of the cylinders. Read More …

Three Tips for Swapping a Car LCD Display for an After-Market Radio and Controls

14 July 2016
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Modern cars are full of electronics and new technology. Over the years, technology changes. This can mean that an old LCD display can be outdated. If your once-modern car has a single-color display that also controls things like the radio, AC, and information about mileage, you may want to change your display out for a more modern solution. This can be a challenging task, but luckily you have many after-market options. Read More …

Make Sure To Get These Supplies At A Hardware Store After Ordering Fender Flare Kits Online

19 May 2016
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When putting on aftermarket fender flares yourself, you'll need some equipment and tools to do the job. While most fender flare kits come with tape and self-taping screws, you'll need supplies to clean the fender before applying the tape and screws. After you order your fender flare kits online, go to your local hardware store and get these supplies if you don't have them. Sandpaper Roughing up the back edge of a fender flare will help the tape adhere to it better. Read More …

3 Tips For Saving Money On Auto Repairs

13 February 2016
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Owning a car can make life a lot more convenient, but it also comes with added expenses when there are mechanical problems. Repairs are inevitable when you own an automobile, but fixing your vehicle does not have to empty your bank account. Use the following tips to help you save money when you need to repair your car: Avoid the Dealer Service Center You may have gotten used to visiting the dealer service center for repairs and service while your car was under warranty, but after the warranty period is over, it is not the best place to go to get your car fixed when you want to save money. Read More …